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Max Verstappen has won his second world title in a dominant race in Suzuka Japan, Sunday in spite of the race being stalled by rain before a restart.

The chaotic race was delayed for two hours before a restart which prior to the restart it was thought by many pundits the race could be postponed. When the race eventually started again Charles Leclerc had a quick drive crossing the line in second, obviously in hunt for the title.

Thanks to the effort and assistance of safety car help which marshalled to clear the track of water, although the sky was still cloudy, the drivers were not deterred by that but kept the race on.

The driver’s quest-hunger to take a lead from Charles was observed with noise of the welt tires splashes and quick drive out of the pits. Verstappen weaved his way through the field making it a smart ease to take the lead over Leclerc whose fast pace start was brilliant and could have kept the momentum if not the intelligence of Vesterppanen.

He was now ahead of Perez while Leclerc and other drivers were behind. His speed was increasingly wonderful as he widened with 10 and later 15 seconds over Leclerc, a declaration of his intention for the title.

The battle behind at the final corner was Leclerc against Perez with the pressure obviously on Leclerc having locked up on the final chicane of the race leading to a five second penalty demoting him to third.

Marx Verstappen delivered his 12th race in a season, dominating with masterclass twenty five seconds up the road and brilliantly cruised to victory in his 18 race of the season and his second world title;

With the victory he needs just one more win from the four races to equal Michael Schumacher’s record 2003 and Sebastian Vettel’s performance in 2013 for most Grand Prix titles won in a single season.

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