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South Africa’s Caster Semenya’s finished a 45 seconds off the qualifying mark in heat for Saturday’s 5,000m final, at the World Athletics Championships, her first appearance sincerely 2017.

The South African finished 13th out of the 16 runners in the heat in a time of 15min 46.12secs, almost a minute behind the winner, Gudaf Tsegay of Ethiopia.

With a temperatures hitting 32C, the South African obviously felt upbeat that she is in the process of preparing a positive meal for the future.

“I’m cooking” she told reporters, admitting also that the weather was too hot which she could keep up with the pace.

Semenya who had won three 800m world titles, including her last at London 2017 was barred from running international events from 400m to a mile unless she takes a medication to reduce her testosterone levels.

“I think it is great to be able to run here. Just being able to finish the 5km, for me it is a blessing, I am learning and I am willing to learn even more,” Semenya said.

Ethiopia’s Gudaf Tsegay won the heat, although many believe Semenya’s situation is beyond what something she can force as the court of arbitration for sport ruled in 2019 that 46 XY 5-ARD individuals with a difference of sex development, such as Semenya, “enjoy a significant sporting advantage.. over 46 XX competitors without such DSD” due to biology.

Court of Arbitration for Sports had noted the South African advantage came because individuals with 5-ARD “have what is commonly identified as the male chromosomal sex (XY and not XX), male gonads (tests not ovaries) and levels of circulating testosterone in male range (7.7-29.4nmol\L), which are significantly higher than the female range (0.06-1.68nmol/L)”.

Meanwhile, World Athletics president, Sebastian Coe, has cleared the air indicating yet that the world athletics governing body would do more to protect female sport, saying it has always been guided by the science, and the science is pretty clear. Admitting that it is obviously known testosterone is the key determinant in performance.

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