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Tunisian Ons Jabeur has comforted Belinda Bencic following the unfortunate ankle injury suffered by her opponent in the final.

Jabeur claimed the win leading 6-3 2-1 before Bencic signaled she could not continue in the final , but for Ons Jabeur the victory was not the ultimate but to her follow finalist being attended to when she hurriedly prepared a cooler with ice for the Swiss tennis star to rest the ankle injury.

Jabeur who became the first Arab woman to win WTA singles title capturing the Birmingham Classic almost a year ago, simply had a gentle talk with Bencic urging her to put the unfortunate end to match behind and forget about today.

Bencic had shown signs of fatigue in early stage of the match, starting with a slow pace, prompting Jabeur to lead 5-3 in the first set. Though, Bencic had four break points in the game, but it was clear she was discomfort serving and had to retire to give Ons Jabeur the title.

Meanwhile, Jabeur who is having a career rise after winning the Madrid Open last month and adding the Bett 1 Open is expected to be a top contender for Wimbledon title which starts this week.

With Prize money having an increase of 11.1 percent higher than last year’s prize money and 5.4 percent higher than 2019, the year before the pandemic. The player obviously will be competing at higher strength to see who clinches the titles.

Also, the organisers according to Marca has placed 4,353 euros to be received by each pair eliminated in the first round of the mixed doubles in the 2022 championship. Anyone who plays in the first round of the main draw will earn 55,000 euros and anyone who get knocked out in the first round will earn 13,000 euros.

The prize money for each winning men’s and women’s doubles pair is 626,923 euros, while for mixed doubles, it is 144,000 euros and 186,000 euros for wheelchair tennis players. The legends tournament, each winning pair gets 36,000 euros. The competition starts from 27th June 2022 and run to 10th July 2022.

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