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Saudi Arabia Grand Prix race winner Max Vestappen has echoed concern with Lewis Hamilton on the future of racing in Saudi Arabia following the wake of the missile strike by alleged Yeme’s Houthi rebels on a nearby oil depot in Jeddah.

The formula 1 drivers have cast their doubts on the continuation of the 10 years deal with Formula one which two years has just gone and by that they are set to hold discussion over of the race in Middle East country.

“We had a lot of guarantees that of course it would be safe but, after this weekend all the drivers together, we will speak with F1 and the team bosses to see what is happening for the future.” Vestappen said.

With Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel who missed the race due to Covid initially pushing for a boycott of the Saudi race before the drivers agreed to go to the track.

“I am just looking forward to getting out,” Hamilton said. He added “I am so happy the weekend id done. I am so happy that everyone is safe. I am just looking forward to getting out, I just want to go home.”

For Lando Norris who had a good race despite Vestappen edged over Charles Leclerc, strongly still loves the Saudi track but the safety concern is what he feels discussion should be held after the weekend.

The Saudi contract is worth about 50million pounds which it is expected that sponsorship could double in the coming years.

Meanwhile, thoughts from F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali sounded confident the upcoming talks with the drivers will see a return to the Saudi track which pundits strongly feel assurance of safety must be guaranteed for the future of the sports in the Middle East country.

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