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President, Confederation of African Football (CAF), Ahmad Ahmad has expressed his concern and warned that it is not still safe for the African Leagues to restart amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ahmad Ahmad is of the opinion that Football must wait and prioritize the fight against Coronavirus, considering the Tests conducted in African Nations are not convincing to resume Football.

In an interview with DW, CAF President Ahmad Ahmad highlighted the difference in context, pointing out that it is not easy to draw conclusions with the few tests that has been carried out and the visibility management of the pandemic is not convincing enough for Football to resume.

“As we see the ratio of tests that have been carried out in these countries, it is always alarming because we lack visibility in the management of this pandemic,” he said.

As a result, CAF remains cautious as the health of the Continent is more important. Ahmad has been a strong advocate that the future of a probable resumption of football is ideal. For him, there is something more important for the people of Africa right now.

“There is a lack of visibility. We must wait. As president, I invite everyone to be very careful and wait for the situation to normalize. But beyond that, I do not want football to be a source of destabilization for the precautionary measures taken by the various governments to deal with the pandemic,” he said.

Ahmad also revealed that the continent’s competitions would not resume while the COVID-19 situation in Africa is not under control.
“We have taken to stop football activities altogether. Our priority is first and foremost health, protecting players, protecting officials, and protecting the public.”

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