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Algeria Midfielder Adlene Guedioura has appealed to the Confederations of African Football (CAF) to cancel or postpone 2021 African Cup of Nations because of the coronavirus.

I know that the Africa Cup of Nations is important and it’s good for the countries to organise it but this one in 2021 I think it should be cancelled or postponed,” Guedioura told BBC World Service.

“First they said it was in summer, then in winter, now we have the coronavirus which makes it more difficult to complete the qualification games.

I think they should decide maybe to have it later. That would help many of the nations and many of the players also who represent Africa in the world.”

It’s much better to do it in the European summer anyway. I think the best Cup of Nations was the last one in the summer and it’s not just because we won it,” he continued.

“With a Cup of Nations in January it’s in the middle of the season, you come back straight away to play for your club and you can get injured or you can lose your place in the team.

“If you’re not Salah or Mahrez or Mane, if you’re a player who always has to fight for his place, the manager can decide to pick other players which are not good.

“I remember most of the Algeria players told our manager Djamel Belmadi we’d prefer it in the summer.”

This coronavirus you have to think about the safety of people and football comes very last, unfortunately. To organise the qualifying games is going to be very difficult.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if the tournament is postponed or cancelled to be honest. It’s something they need to discuss. To organise this Cup of Nations will be very tough.”

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