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According to, Tenant Chembo coach of Mighty Mufulira Wanderers has thrown his weight in support of foreign quotas being introduced in the Football Association of Zambia League.

“I think it is important because I believe we are not short of talent in this country. We have an abundance of talent but they are measures that need to be put into place because some time back they was a suggestion of five (foreign players) per-team,”Chembo said.
“So I think it is all about application so that whatever we implement must be practical in order for our league to go forward.
“They must be some measures really because it is not just about bringing foreign players on board but let’s have quality foreign players to help improve the game.
“We must put a limit like they have in South Africa for example.
“We are not saying we don’t need foreign players, we need them for the improvement of our game but let’s put measures so that we can control the situation.”

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