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The Kenya Premier league management could end up handing over the championship to Gor Mahia should the competition end prematurely following coronavirus fears, according to

If the Kenyan Premier League ( KPL ) does not resume in time, the management will have to make the tough choice and hand
Gor Mahia the title, James Situma.

“If the league is not completed due to prolonged suspension, KPL will have no choice but to hand over the championship to Gor Mahia,” Situma.

“They will have no option but to do so and I understand it will be the toughest choice they will have to make.
“At the end of the day, KPL will have to make a choice as they have no alternative.

“This is life and situation sometimes force one to make such a tough choice and should be understood.

“A decision has to be made even though it going to be favourable for one side and unfavourable for other sides.

“Everyone would have loved to see the league run into its natural end but if it is not going to resume then let us be ready for the tough choice ahead.

“KPL management knows what is the best for the league but it is our prayer we overcome the coronavirus issue so that the competition resumes.”retired Kenyan defender James Situma is quoted by

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