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Former Baroka FC coach and Zambian striker Wesson Nyirenda has beared his mind on the state of Zambian Football and the wrangles in football administration in the country..

Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) was recently warned for possible FIFA sanction, if it obeys the High Court ruling which it is considered Government interference in football.

Wedson is of the strong believe that the rules of the game must be adhere to if Zambian Football must remain a force in Africa.

He said ” if football is truly our second religion, let’s follow what the rules say and let’s do things that football asks us to do. Let football be the winner at the end and not the cheap politics. Let’s us ask ourselves what we really want,”

“To be honest let’s change. We need to change the way we operate because it’s not right. I will be calling Zambians pretenders now because we are saying football is our second religion. A religion where you don’t want to follow the rules of the so called religion,” Wedson Nyirenda.

“We all know football is a peacemaker and unites us Zambians but the situation at hand is embarrassing. We are doomed and need to come to realisation on the impact of the ban. If I know am not doing the right thing then I need to stop it immediately,” Nyirenda said.

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