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The Boston Marathon which was scheduled to hold April 20th has been postponed until September 4th. The event organisers, Boston Athletic Association (B. A. A), stated Friday that the event is postponed due to mounting pressure about the coronavirus pandemic.

The event postponement which might have come as a disappointment for elite athlete that plan their spring long distance season, those that run during the fall and leisure runner participants.

According to New York Times, the Chief Executive of the Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A) Tom Gilk, said ‘’ On matters of public health and safety we take our guidance from the officials entrusted with protecting the public in this area’’. He also stated ‘’we understand our role, along with our partners, in ensuring a safe environment for all participants, volunteers, spectators, and supporters that meets the standards set by those officials’’.

Meanwhile, the London Marathon, another major race in the season was postponed shortly after announcement of the Boston Marathon. The event was scheduled to hold April 26 will take place 4 October, 2020. The race which is used for qualifiers and selection of Athletes for the Tokyo Olympics, especially for British runners.

With the fear about the coronavirus pandemic some sports enthusiast are scared the Olympics could be postponed but the orgainsers has assured the event will take place as plan..

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