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Portuguese and Juventus striker Christiano Ronaldo has expressed his support for World Health Organisation (WHO) and global health professional effort in working at different capacity in their effort to find a lasting solution to the Coronavirus.

He said “The world is going through a very difficult moment which demands the utmost care and attention from all of us.

“I speak to you today not as a football player, but as a son, father, a human being concerned with the latest developments that is affecting the whole world.

“It is important we all follow the advice of WHO (World Health Organization) and the governing bodies on how we handle this current situation. Protecting human life must come above any other interests.

“I would like to send my thoughts to everyone who has lost someone close to them, my solidarity to those who are fighting the virus, like my teammate Daniele Rugani, and my continued support to the amazing health professionals putting their own lives at risk to save others.

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