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Former Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho has described Christtian Eriksen move to Inter Milan as a gentleman agreement that was professional done to interest of the player and Tottenham.

He said “We didn’t tell because of a moral agreement with Christian, but from the first day I arrived [last November], he told me he was not going to sign,”

“So then it was for me and Mr Levy to manage the situation – for me to have a player without great motivation but still a good sense of professionalism and respect for the club – and Mr Levy, on the business side, managed to do a great deal with six months left on the contract.

“I tried to persuade Toby [Alderweireld] when Toby told me he was having some doubts [about re-signing] but Christian told me the decision was made and no way.

“From that moment, I was just trying to build the team without him. That was the reason why I didn’t play him many, many times. At the same time, I knew Christian with some limitations – there are always limitations with a player in his situation – would try until his last day to help the team.

“Christian was a good guy in the dressing room, with the limitations of somebody that wants to leave. You could feel in some matches he was not Christian.

“We were happy to have him here until the end of the season. Christian would always give us some of his talent until the end of the season. But then it becomes about the future of the team and the future of the team needs the deal that Mr Levy made.”

Meanwhile Tottenham midfielder Christian Eriksen signed for Inter Milan for fee of around £16.9m . The signed contract will keep him in Inter until 2024.

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